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Monkey Business

Meet Monk . 
He has been photobombing Jackson's pictures since he was just a week old. Who doesn't love a good sock monkey, and when I found a 4ft tall one. . . I just KNEW he would be coming home with me. Each Friday, we have a mini photo shoot to document Jackson's growth. It usually takes several shots to get the right one. I have been asked by several friends and family;

"How long are you planning to keep this up?" 

Well, I have to admit that I've imagined several scenarios that include a Monk pic, in Jackson's future. 
Including, but DEFINITELY not limited to. . . 

1st day of school every year 
(which should be easy and without MUCH embarassment, as I'm planning to homeschool)

1st time driving legally 
(I am guessing Monk won't be allowed to bomb his DL pic? I'll ask)

1st date 
(too much?)

High School Graduation 
(maybe one of Monk's smaller buddies will be easier for me to smuggle in)

Wedding Day 
(oh come on. . . you can totally imagine the scrapbook possibilities now)

Here are some of my favorites. . . 

Week 1
 (I mean, he was posing already. . . How could this be any more perfect?)
Week 7
(I thought he was HUGE. HA, I had no idea what was in store)
Week 13
(Monk's understudy, Fritz came to L.A. with us. Monk is afraid to fly)
Week 25
(He was MADE for weekly photo shoots, no?)
Week 37
(His 'signature' gesture makes an appearance every so often)
Week 47
(TIP: Blowing raspberries during a photo creates the perfect pout!)
It's my Birthday . . .
(Sporting a handmade shirt from Grandma. *I will be featuring her amazing work often*)
Week 61. . .
Earning his 5th set of wings (this time Monk's cousin Francisco tagged along.)
Week 69
(Look at those toes!)

 What are your favorite ways to document the growth of your lil' monsters? I love to watch kiddos grow and change from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year. I am only going to continue the weekly shots until he hits 18months. Then we will do monthly, for as long as he will allow. Eventually I am guessing a quick shot once a year on his birthday will be all that he will tolerate. 

...and if he doesn't...

16 months
(A mother has her ways...)


  1. What a cute idea! And a cute kid too!!

  2. I can't believe how little he used to be! What happened to our babies!!?!


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