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Wait for it...

Let's talk about Pink Eye.  It is such a disgusting infection, don't you think? Obviously, it cannot be helped by antibiotics or with any natural remedy  (like breast milk)
Know what else is disgusting? 
Eyelids on boys.  Boy's eyelids are not at all necessary, and I am fairly certain that boys were born with them by mistake.  They are just like a flap of extra face skin, with no purpose, definitely not meant to protect their eyeballs.  I know men who haven't had their eyelids removed, and they are ALWAYS made fun of growing up. Girls don't have to worry about this, because they can figure out how to keep their eyelids clean.  
Removing my son's eyelids will help prevent him from rubbing his eyes.  He will have zero self control, and this is a horribly disgusting habit that needs to be stopped anyway.  Yeah, this will prevent that for sure.  How do I know? People told me, so it must be true.  Yeah, this will make him feel normal, and just like everyone else. T…