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Mother's Day . . . What EXACTLY were you expecting?!?

So ladies, I know I am not going to gain a popularity award with this post, but I'm ok with that. I have been a single mom since the very beginning of my pregnancy, so Mother's Day tends to look quite different in our family than most others that I know.

Let me ask you this . . . When you decided to become a mom, which of the following "perks" weighed in on your decision?
One day a year, you look forward to a "bouquet" of gas station flowers. (I mean, who DOESN'T love Baby's Breath?!?)

One day a year, you look forward to getting a massage. (Yup . . . once a year makes such a difference . . . SOOO relaxing!)

One day a year, you look forward to getting a three minute foot rub. (Just imagine what would happen if he stopped THIS foot rub because "his hands got tired")

One day a year, you look forward to getting a piece of jewelry that you don't need, or really LIKE for that matter.
("Gee, thanks honey . . . this will go perfectly wit…

It's Time To Re-Define "Only Child Syndrome"

The stigma of being an only child is a powerful one. From time to time, I will meet someone who is surprised because I don't "seem like an only child".  Um . . . Thanks?

Raise your hand if you know someone that has, at one point, exhibited one of the personality traits above. Keep your hand raised if that same person has a brother or a sister. Now, raise your other hand if you, yourself have ever been guilty of one or more of those nasty traits.
Arms getting tired???
That's exactly what I thought. 
Not a single one of us is born acting like an "only child". Bratty kids are usually a product of their upbringing, whether they have siblings or not.  I have to believe that MOST parents don't set out to "spoil" their children. I wonder if it just sneaks up on them, one tantrum at a time. 
So here I am. An only child, raising an only child. As a mother, it is my job to. . . 
Teach my…

This is not what I expected . . . It's more.

I am Jen.

I am 35 years old. 

I am the proud mother of this incredible little boy. 

We co-sleep. 

We cloth diaper. 

Breastfeeding is still going strong. (Oh, the horror!)

We are Gluten Free. 

We are Vegetarian. (But eat seafood on occasion) 

I practice peaceful parenting (and it DEFINITELY takes practice)

We both wear our babies. . . 

And . . . 
I am a single mom.
I work full time.
My work takes me all over the Midwest, and sometimes farther. 

I have perfected the art of pumping on the go.

I have an AMAZING support system. My son LOVES his nanny. (and so do I)

I planned to be happily married. Twice.  I planned to be living in Arizona, enjoying the most beautiful weather all year 'round.  I planned to be done having babies by 30.
The universe had a different plan.
This is not the life I planned. This is not the life th