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Mother's Day . . . What EXACTLY were you expecting?!?

So ladies, I know I am not going to gain a popularity award with this post, but I'm ok with that. I have been a single mom since the very beginning of my pregnancy, so Mother's Day tends to look quite different in our family than most others that I know.

Let me ask you this . . . When you decided to become a mom, which of the following "perks" weighed in on your decision?

One day a year, you look forward to a "bouquet" of gas station flowers.
(I mean, who DOESN'T love Baby's Breath?!?)

One day a year, you look forward to getting a massage.
(Yup . . . once a year makes such a difference . . . SOOO relaxing!)

One day a year, you look forward to getting a three minute foot rub.
(Just imagine what would happen if he stopped THIS foot rub because "his hands got tired")

One day a year, you look forward to getting a piece of jewelry that you don't need, or really LIKE for that matter.
("Gee, thanks honey . . . this will go perfectly with my, um, well . . . Thanks!)

None of the above you say?!?! SHOCKER. I think it is perfectly normal that we tend to get wrapped up in what the social "norm" is, but seriously ladies . . . it's time for a reality check.

When I knew I wanted to be a mom, I was just a little pip squeak myself. I would play with my babies for HOURS, and never once did I expect anything in return. Maybe I knew, even then, that motherhood would be a "thankless job". Maybe I knew, even then, that I shouldn't rely on others to make me happy. Or maybe I knew, even then, that the TRUE meaning of being a mother could NEVER be compared to anything tangible.
(Truth be told . . . I was probably just playing with my babies, and living in the moment.)

Here's a thought . . . Let's all try to just live in the moment this coming Mother's Day.
Let's get our fingers down in the mud with our mini me, instead of cringing and reaching for a wipe.
 Let's build a tower, and play tag, and cuddle WITH the kids, instead of relishing in "me time". Let's dance until we fall down, and have a tea party.
Let's go for a long walk, and take a long nap.
But most of all, let's try to remember why we are celebrating this day in the first place.

Tell your Mom that you love her, whether she is near or far . . . and look forward to the day that you can hear the same words coming from your little one(s). Do this freely, and do this often.
After all, why should one day of the year trump the other 364?

(I mean . . . what gift could possibly trump this?)


  1. PREACH!!! The next best thing: when they bring homemade gifts to you that they made at school. <3 Sweetest thing in the world.


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