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I May Be Single, But My Life Is FULL . . .

"Oh, you're single? I'm sorry" "You just haven't met 'the one' yet" "Don't be so jaded . . . not every man is bad" "Don't worry, there is a soul mate for everyone" "You WILL find love again, when you least expect it" "You really need to think about a male role model for Jackson" "What are you going to do when Jackson leaves home?" "Your son can't be your best friend" "Don't you get lonely?"

Among others, these wonderful sentiments have all been offered to me over the past few years, since before I had Jackson.  While I know that every single one came from a place of love . . .  I cannot help but feel a little judged. 
Here is the deal.  There is no need to be sorry for assuming that I am married.  I am not at all worried about finding a soul mate.  I do NOT think that all men, or even most men are jerks.  As strange as it may seem, I have more important things happening in my …


It was this time last year that I decided to embark on this journey called RoShamBaby. 
Where has the time gone?  Why have I let so much time pass since my last post?
In the past year, I have . . . 

Smiled Laughed Been Busy Felt Inspired Experienced Joy Began a New Job Felt Overwhelmed Suffered from Confusion Experienced Sadness Divorced My Job Procrastinated Felt Centered Been Bored Traveled Dreamed Cried

I guess it's safe to say that LIFE HAPPENED. 

Well, it is time to get back on track. It is so easy to let life get in the way, instead of making sure to stay the course. For me, it's necessary to embrace the bumps as PART of my life, instead of thinking of them as obstacles. 
I spent the second half of 2013 with writers block . . . thinking that I didn't have anything interesting to say. With a friendly nudge, I now realize that "interesting" topics are relative. 
So interesting or not, I am back :) 
This is not a New Year's Resolution . . . It is the beginning of my new life.