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My Awful Blessing . . .

You read that right . . . The past several months have literally been LIFE ALTERING. I am, however, choosing to look at this situation that I find myself in as a gift that I am not allowed to open.

A gift that I KNOW is there. I don't yet know what it is.  I don't yet know how I will use it.  I don't yet know if it will fit.  I don't yet know if it's what I've always wanted. No amount of shaking the box, or tossing out guesses will clear up the mystery. 
So I wait.  
I will admit that there are times when I wonder who I am, now that I am not "Jen with Alterna" . . .  or "Jen with Aloxxi".  Now I am just Jen with JacksonThis 'gift' may not have been my choice, but this much I know . . . I have gotten to spend almost 1/2 of my son's second year/ bonding and just hanging out with him. I would not trade that for ANYTHING in the world. 
I have come to know the generosity of others in immeasurable ways. My friends and family, and THEIR frien…