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I'm leaving on a jet plane . . .

As I sit here writing, I should be packing my suitcase. I should be doing laundry. I should be packing Jackson's things. I should be folding diapers. I should be sleeping!

I have been working for the same company for going on 13 years now. While it has subsided dramatically, a great deal of my career has been spent on the road. Since long before I had Jackson, the most stressful times for me were the nights before leaving on a trip. I have always been terrified of sleeping through my alarm. 

This act itself, is a reasonable fear, right? Who hasn't done that at least once? That moment, just after you open your eyes, when you are stretching and feeling rested, thinking about getting up and . . . OMG OMG OMG WHAT TIME IS IT!?!? 
This borders on obsessive for me though. I would literally rather stay up the entire night, than chance my oversleeping. I have, on more than one (hundred) occasions, been known to sleep holding my phone just under my chin so there is no chance of missin…

Baby Shower Shenanigans

As I write this, I am getting ready for a baby shower. I guess I was feeling inspired. . . 
Are baby showers necessary? In most cases, yes. Especially for first time moms. It's a great way for friends and family to help the new parents stock up on the essentials.  But what about the games? Does anyone actually ENJOY these games, or is it just some crazy right of passage to be in charge of the torture when it's time for you to host a shower? In order for me to keep faith that we haven't collectively lost our minds, I have to believe in the latter. Me? I LOATHE these shenanigans. I mean, may I excuse myself when I see all the giggling ringleaders gathering their supplies for the first, of many "fun" games? Never mind the awkward stares I've received when I've refused to participate. 
So here is the score ladies, either we stand together as adults who refuse to force each other to play these ridiculous games, or we go along as we are . . . silently grumblin…

Child - Led Weaning . . . It just makes sense

There are several benefits to breastfeeding, for both mother and child. 
Read "Got Milk???" for more details

Attachment Parenting International suggests breastfeeding on demand, at the first cue (before crying), and for comfort as needed.  If possible, it is recommended to exclusively BF as long as your baby wants to. Don't arbitrarily start pushing solids once they reach a certain age, even when your sister, friend, doctor tell you it's time. Your baby will let you know when he is interested in solids.  Notice I said SOLIDS.
Skip the weird fruit/veggie combo purees, ice cube trays full of frozen mush, baby rice (BLEH), The Baby-Bullet (Yep, I had one until I learned more, so don't feel like you wasted money. . .
Craigslist exists for a reason!)

Watch for cues that your baby is interested in food. Once he starts reaching for it on your plate, offer him a reasonably sized piece, and see what he does with it. If he doesn't eat it, he doesn't want it. Please…

Cloth V.S. Disposable . . . It's not just about the environment

So here I was again, pregnant with my son and trying to wade through the virtual piles of research I had compiled on diaper options. You would think this would be a super easy decision . . . but I was a Crunchy mom-to-be in a world full of Cashmere and Silk. As a matter of fact, before I joined my Bradley Group, I only knew one person cloth diapering . . . and she is over 500 miles away. Thank you 'neighbor'. You know who you are, and you know I love ya!

This is what I knew
*Cloth is better for the environment - Less waste in the landfills *I really wanted to make cloth work, long before I found out I was pregnant *My son is worth all the hard work. 'Wait . . . how hard will it be?" *Baby butts wearing a cloth diaper are simply ADORABLE!

This is what I was told
*"Cloth diapers smell so bad, even when they are just wet" *"It is so much easier to use disposables" *"You are such a hippie" *"You are braver than I am"  *"I could never do it…

Missing My Bump. . .

I have always known that I wanted to be a mom. ALWAYS. And OF COURSE it is more rewarding and amazing than I ever could have imagined it to be. What I did not know, is how much I would LOVE being pregnant. I mean, I was happier, healthier, and truly more content than I had ever been in my entire life. My migraines ceased, I think I only reached for my inhaler once, and my thyroid levels had improved for the first time in a decade .
(Yes, I can hear the grumblings from the peanut gallery)

I know, I know. . . Not everyone has a great pregnancy, but I'm not rubbing it in, I SWEAR! I just miss it terribly. I was teaching a class yesterday, and one of the stylists was "ready to POP anyday now". I was distracted the entire time, and found myself daydreaming about the days that I was sitting in the back of the room, rubbing my belly. I could tell by her expressions now and then, that the lil one was doing some heavy duty calisthenics in there. She made it clear that she is &qu…

To Cut Or Not To Cut. . . Is this really even a question?

Oh Boy . . .

I am well aware that circumcision is a topic that many are not comfortable thinking about, let alone discussing. I also know that when I was first looking into facts, actual facts, about the pros and cons . . . I found more personal opinions than anything else.

This all started for me when I found out I was pregnant, even before I knew I was having a boy. A friend of mine posted an episode of Penn & Teller's "Bulls***" on her Facebook page. It was a documentary on circumcision, and while it didn't make up my mind for me . . . it sure did raise some questions that I was determined to find the answers to.

 I hadn't even considered (gasp) not circumcising my child! After all, it is just what is done, right?

Before you watch this . . . please be warned that there is some harsh language and some of the scenes are very tough to watch. Penn & Teller: Circumcision is BULLSH*T (video found on YouTube)
So here is where my journey started. I asked friend…

Got Milk???

Extended breastfeeding describes breastfeeding that continues beyond one year. This confuses me. Let's just call it what it is . . .

Why does it need to be classified as extended? Why do we, (society) feel the need to label EVERYTHING? This description was not likely thought up by mothers who practice this "taboo" way of feeding their child. This label must have originated in the mind of someone who thinks anything past a certain age, strays from what is considered "normal" in order to be considered extra, or extended. 

Why is this such a hot button topic? But what is that magic age? If they can ask for it, are they too old?Is it weird to breastfeed once baby has teeth?Who decides what is best? He wont drink from a bottle, what do i do in public?Should I cover him in public?Am i supposed to feed him in the bathroom? (YUCK)Why is it ANYONE'S business? 

Did you know that WHO (World Health Organization) actually RECOMMENDS "extended" bre…

Monkey Business

Meet Monk .  He has been photobombing Jackson's pictures since he was just a week old. Who doesn't love a good sock monkey, and when I found a 4ft tall one. . . I just KNEW he would be coming home with me. Each Friday, we have a mini photo shoot to document Jackson's growth. It usually takes several shots to get the right one. I have been asked by several friends and family;
"How long are you planning to keep this up?" 
Well, I have to admit that I've imagined several scenarios that include a Monk pic, in Jackson's future.  Including, but DEFINITELY not limited to. . . 
1st day of school every year  (which should be easy and without MUCH embarassment, as I'm planning to homeschool)
1sttime driving legally  (I am guessing Monk won't be allowed to bomb his DL pic? I'll ask)
1st date  (too much?)
High School Graduation  (maybe one of Monk's smaller buddies will be easier for me to smuggle in)
Wedding Day  (oh come on. . . you can totally imagine t…

I'm what?!?

First of all... I am NOT pregnant again. Mom, you may take a deep breath now.

I felt compelled to share some tips on how to navigate through this labyrinth as an empowered, INFORMED, new mother. Being a single mom from the very beginning left me to stumble through this process solo. In many cases, calling my friends to see what they did, confused me even more. I decided that it was up to ME to look into all of my options, and I made decisions based on what I learned.

*disclaimer. . .I am not a medical professional. I am in no way telling you what to do with your pregnancy. This is just my story. I will share some of what I chose to do, and urge you to do some research before you decide for yourself. .

Being pregnant does NOT automatically make you a patient, but the medical industry is set up to make you feel that way. When you are fully informed about your options, they become YOUR CHOICES. If you feel a little uneasy about some advice being given to you, chances are there is a good …

Baby Takes All

Ro-Sham-Bo (aka Rock-Paper-Scissors);
The ever popular game of problem solving, decision making, and how "adults" decide. . . "NOT IT!"

As you can see in the amazing diagram below, ROCK beats SCISSORS (for obvious reasons). SCISSORS beat PAPER (don't run with these!). And PAPER apparently beats ROCK (I have a hard time swallowing this one, but more on that later. . .)

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a sink full of dishes, a hamper full of clothes, a bin full of trash, a floor full of toys, and a diaper full of... well, you get the picture? I bet even just reading this you feel like yelling "NOT IT!" Welcome to a day in the life of every single parent of a 16 month old.

Quick, look around for a RoShamBo opponent!!!

Enter the Reigning Champion in this house... In the poo blue corner... weighing in at a whopping 27lbs... Jackson 'lil monster' Dean!

There is something about watching this kid walk around the room singing "Clean Up -…