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Baby Takes All

Ro-Sham-Bo (aka Rock-Paper-Scissors);
The ever popular game of problem solving, decision making, and how "adults" decide. . . "NOT IT!"

As you can see in the amazing diagram below, ROCK beats SCISSORS (for obvious reasons). SCISSORS beat PAPER (don't run with these!). And PAPER apparently beats ROCK (I have a hard time swallowing this one, but more on that later. . .)

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a sink full of dishes, a hamper full of clothes, a bin full of trash, a floor full of toys, and a diaper full of... well, you get the picture? I bet even just reading this you feel like yelling "NOT IT!" Welcome to a day in the life of every single parent of a 16 month old.

Quick, look around for a RoShamBo opponent!!!

Enter the Reigning Champion in this house... In the poo blue corner... weighing in at a whopping 27lbs... Jackson 'lil monster' Dean!

There is something about watching this kid walk around the room singing "Clean Up - Clean Up" while he picks up his toys, that just melts my heart.
*Nevermind that I will have to have to reorganize it all after he finally passes out tonight.*

Now let's tackle the diaper. Does anyone have 3-4 grown men they can send over to help with this step? You would think I am pulling his toenails out one by one by the noises coming out of this child.
(What must my crazy neighbor think?)
So here I go, throwing one leg over his torso, while unsnapping his diaper with one hand, pulling way too many wipes out with my teeth and running interference with my "free" hand to keep his hands north of the border. Every second that passes during this fiasco TRIPLES the chance that I will be breaking out the carpet cleaner again.

After all the tears, its time to cuddle. WHAT?!?! Even big, tough boys need their mommy-time <3

So now what? I look down at my beautiful boy with the milk-drunk expression, freshly passed out across my lap. It's this moment that I remember that the dishes will be there tomorrow, I have plenty of clean clothes to wear, it's not garbage day today, and he surely doesnt care if his toys are organized alphabetically.

It is THIS moment that matters.
It is THIS moment that will not be here tomorrow.
It is THIS moment that makes me whole.

So remember, there will always be some rock needing to be picked up, some paper needing to be paid, and something/one cutting into your time... But in this house... BABY TAKES ALL. :)

If you have stumbled upon this blog in hopes to find some tips on mastering your sweet Ro-Sham-Bo skills... you may be a touch disappointed, but please feel free to come take a peek into our life from time to time.

Now to address the "Paper Beats Rock Conspiracy"...


  1. I love your profile picture! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures with Jackson!!


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