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Amber Teething Necklaces . . . Hippie Hype?

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"Awwww, What's his na . . . oh sorry HER name?" (as Jackson's Amber necklace peeks out of his collar) Please don't get me wrong, I am in no way offended by this simple assumption. But I'm sorry, have you seen this kid? He is ALL boy, if I've ever seen one.

Jackson sporting his Amber necklace in polished yellow

Now back to the necklace. About one week before my lil' monster decided to make his earthly debut, I got a little package in the mail that I was really excited about. It was a Dark Cherry Raw Amber* Teething Necklace. It was so cool that I wanted one for myself. I had only recently learned some pretty interesting things about Amber.

First things first, the most common question I have heard . . . Is it for chewing?
No, it most definitely is not. It actually warms to the body temperature, and then releases trace amounts of a natural healing substance called Succinic Acid. Amber contains some of the highest concentration of this substance, which occurs naturally in all things living.
(The FDA has been generous enough to approve this substance.)

Amber is not actually a stone, it is a fossilized tree resin. (hence it's "living" magic)

It is said that Baltic Amber helps provide relief for teething symptoms like swollen gums, diaper rashes, fevers, redness in the cheeks and overall discomfort. It is also responsible for regulating acidity in the body, in the food and beverage industry. This is important because while teething, the body produces more histamines, which in-turn can cause the production of increased stomach acid .

Before I bought one, had I seen overwhelming "proof" that these necklaces worked? Nope.
Mainly because I was the first of my friends to adorn my child with hippie beads. Every person I asked however, told me they swear by theirs.

Teething has got to be ridiculously painful! Luckily, like every adult I've ever asked, I personally have zero recollection of the pain my sharp little baby teeth caused me. The fact that our little ones don't remember how painful it is to grow teeth, doesn't mean much to them WHILE they are going through it. If there is a chance that we can do something to ease our baby's pain
(in a natural way), we should do it, shouldn't we?
I mean . . . it's call ERUPTING for a reason!

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart
Amber Teething Necklaces are obviously cute, and the pain relieving benefits sound good too . . . but are they safe?


When you purchase a necklace for your baby, be sure to check that there is a knot tied between each Amber bead. Should your lil' monster ever pull hard enough on the necklace to break it, only one bead would become separated from the string. You should also ask if the string is designed to break if enough pressure is applied. When designed correctly, there should be no worry of the necklace becoming a choking hazard. 
However, we are parents. Sometimes we worry. So to offer piece of mind while your kiddo is sleeping, you can wrap the necklace around their ankle, and under socks or footie pajamas.
As long as the Amber is in contact with the skin, it will still offer all of it's magic.

The wonderful thing is, we can ALL benefit from wearing Amber. Look at some of the things said to be positively effected  by the powers of this ancient tool. . . 

 Immune System
Growing Pains
Dental Issues
Increase Energy
Pain Relief
Chronic Inflammation

*One thing that I wish I had known before buying Jackson's first piece . . . The lighter the Amber, the higher the pain relieving power, up to 3x more. The darker Amber is not as powerful for pain relief, but in fact is said to have a higher calming effect. Raw is stronger than semi-polished, and semi-polished is stronger than polished. 
 If you were undecided or overwhelmed by all of the different types of Amber, I hope this helps you decide. If you have never heard of a teething necklace, and stumbled upon this by mistake, I hope at the very least, you have learned something new. 

Plus, it really is BEAUTIFUL!

Where to buy? 

You can always buy one, but why not try to WIN one first?!?!


  1. nice!!! i had no idea about any of this!! : ))

  2. Thanks Jen! Some good info I can pass on.

  3. Cool! Do they come in my size!

    1. They come in all shapes and sizes. Just remember... Raw is the best, and go for light if you have pain, and dark if you need to calm your nerves

  4. My 10month old just cut two teeth in at once and I can tell a difference with his happy go lucky self. I could definitely use one of these to get me through these teeth coming in. I have heard great results about them. Thanks

  5. Was looking to pick one of these up possibly. Hopefully I can win one :)!

  6. My almost 9 month old daughter is close to cutting her top 2 teeth. She looks like she is in so much pain :( I have heard such great things about amber beads and would love to win a necklace for her. Anything to help her minimize the discomfort, sleep better, and be her happy self again.

  7. My daughter is starting to cut some of her top back teeth and is in more pain than her front bottom two. We are looking to get her an amber necklace.

  8. Would love to win this necklace for a friend. =)

  9. I wondered if these teething necklaces really worked- I tried one with my son and it actually did! I give them to new moms all of the time =)

  10. The amber necklace benefits absolutely blow my mind! Can't wait to try it!


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